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Dorchester ‘pimp’ sent to state prison: DA

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A “pimp” was sentenced to state prison after admitting to selling two women for sex, prosecutors said.

Reshaun Hendren, 23, ofDorchester pleaded guilty to the charge of deriving support from prostitution and was sentenced to four to five years in state prison. The charge carries a maximum sentence of five years.

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According to the Suffolk County district attorney’s office, prosecutors had more than enough evidence to convict Hendren had the case gone to trial.

“The evidence would have shown that Hendren rented a room at a downtown hotel, where the woman would have sex with men who responded to advertisements Hendren had placed online. Hendren photographed her using his phone, set the prices for the ‘dates,’ and kept the johns’ money for himself,” according to a release from the DA. “The evidence would have shown that he used threats, beatings, and drugs to keep her compliant with his demands. The evidence would have shown that Hendren used this victim to recruit the second victim, also a drug-addicted woman, for the same purposes.”

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Hendren’s crimes came to light when one of his victims fled and notified police. The second of the two victims died from a drug overdose.

“This is the ugly reality that lies behind ads on the web sites that serve as platforms for prostitution,” Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said. “It’s a reality of violence and addiction, and it’s not a victimless crime.”

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