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Double duty toiletries

It’s so lame when people leave decorative soaps lying around their bathroom and never use them. These bathroom items look good enough to display, but most importantly, get the job done.



The classic mint flavour does a better job at killing bad breath than the strongest tube of Crest. $9, marvismint.com


Lemon soap on a rope

The best smelling soap ever, with an all natural, hydrating formula of Sicilian lemon oil and olive oil. The pretty box isn’t bad either. $19, bronnley.co.uk



Portugal’s classic cavity fighter prevents gum disease and adds a nice pop of neon to your bathroom sink. $8, cuoto.pt

Claus Porto

Banho soap

Buy a bunch and toss them in a wicker basket by your bathtub for decorative oomph. And then use them liberally. The creamy, shea butter-infused bars are great for parched skin. $20, clausporto.com


Melon bar

This cutely packaged, hand milled French soap is made of pure organic shea butter and has light traces of melon and pear. $8, mistralsoap.com

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