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Dougray Scott on Snatch season 2 and filming in Spain

Snatch season 2 Dougray Scott

For the majority of its first season, Sony Crackle’s television adaptation of the Guy Ritchie film Snatch kept Vic Hill (Dougray Scott) in prison. He eventually made it out and, with the help of his partner “Hate ‘Em” (Tamer Hassan) and his son Albert (Luke Pasqualino), tried to steal back his gold bullion. Now Snatch season 2 sees Vic and company relocating to Spain for a whole new set of cons, a change of scenery that Scott didn’t mind at all.

Dougray Scott talks Snatch season 2

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“Manchester is clearly not Spain. The weather is very different, though they do have a fantastic football team,” he laughs. “But I do love Málaga. It’s such a beautiful city, architecturally. It has an incredible cathedral and some great restaurants. I loved it. It’s such a beautiful part of the world.”

Of course, shooting the Snatch season 2 wasn’t simply a vacation for Scott and everyone else involved, including Harry Potter alum Rupert Grint, whose character Charlie Cavendish frequently partners up with Pasqualino’s Albert.

In a previous interview, Scott spoke about serving as a the “father of everyone” on the cast, especially these two. Ten more episodes later, his approach to this particular aspect of Vic remains the same, though with a bit more flourish.

“In many ways, he’s also the most childish character on the show,” Scott explains. “Vic is insatiable. Give him an inch and he’ll take a mile. If there’s any situation to be exploited, he’ll exploit it. If there’s any shenanigans to be had, he’ll be having them. Vic just can’t help himself. He’s a fox. He’s running chickens and he’s going to attack them. He was brought up in that kind of environment, where if he sees an opportunity, he will take it. He’s never going to change.”

“So he is kind of a father figure,” he adds, “but in other ways, his son provides a calming and sensible voice. They’re all trying to go straight, but Vic has no intention of going straight. He just can’t.”

Sure enough, Vic proves to be as instrumental as he is detrimental to many of the plans that Albert, Charlie and Lotti Mott (Phoebe Dynevor) try to enact. Much of this has to do with the character as described by Scott, but it also has to do with his better half, Harry (Hassan). The pair is practically inseparable, and more often than not, they engineer some of the series’ best hijinks.

“They were in prison for fifteen years together and they’ve known each other all that time,” says Scott. “They play off one another. Sometimes they’re adults, but when they go to the bar, they start dancing Flamenco and get drunk. They get bored and Vic wants to have something more in his life, so he teams up with Harry. They get into all sorts of shenanigans.”

Between Snatch, the BBC’s recent mini-series The Woman in White and the upcoming film Sulphur and White, Scott himself is also keeping himself busy while avoiding “shenanigans.” As for working in a much bigger franchise – like a potentially revamped X-Men movie, should Marvel Studios regain control of the property from 20th Century Fox – nothing is on the horizon. But who knows? Maybe that will change for Scott, who nearly played Wolverine before Hugh Jackman scored the career-making role.

All 10 episodes of Snatch season 2 are now on Sony Crackle.

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