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Dr. Luke continues his war against Kesha

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Kesha is still hashing out her legal battle with Dr. Luke, and things have taken a turn for the worst — again. And it’s all over… a text message?

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That’s right. The producer and creep, aka Lukasz Gottwald, is claiming that a text exchange between Kesha and Lady Gaga is part of a grand defamation scheme against him. He believes that Kesha has taken on “a malicious campaign to destroy [his] reputation and career,” according to Buzzfeed. The text message made no mention of Dr. Luke by name, but did state that another recording artist had been “raped by the same man.”

This is such tragic news for Kesha, who by the way, has had both her reputation and career completely decimated by this man. Dr. Luke still refuses to release Kesha from her contract, and still refuses to release any of her new music, keeping her in a dreadful state of forever limbo. Going so low as to use a private text message exchange as evidence of a defamation scheme is shameful. Also — disgusting.

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Enough, my dude. Grow up, own up.

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