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Dr. Oz: ‘Most people are living their lives at less than 50%’

Dr. Oz
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Make a plan for those well-meaning but often-ignored New Year’s resolutions this Saturday.

The Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo is back for a second year, presented by iHeartMedia and NY State of Health. The free event, taking place Saturday, Nov. 22, will have a variety of celebrity and industry expert panelists promoting the importance of healthcare education. Workshops and discussions throughout the day will cover healthy living, fitness and insurance.

“The goal is feeling better today rather than longevity, which is just a nice side benefit,” says Dr. Mehmet Oz, one of the participants at the expo.

“Most people are living their lives at less than 50 percent of who they could be and often thing their best years are behind them. To live with full vitality, we need a holistic approach that makes it easy to do the right things.”

To that end, Oz will speak about the importance of sleep, which he called the most underappreciated health problem facing Americans.

The topic is just one of the common-sense mantras that everyone in the health field, from doctors to alternative therapists, can agree on: eating right, getting exercise, sleeping enough and minimizing stress.Oz says while they may not be “as sexy and seems too laborious and expensive,” they’re the proven way to live better. “Buying the right foods is affordable today and is a great investment for tomorrow.”

He also noted that fitness regimes don’t have to come from a gym, personal trainer or book. Oz recommends working out at home, whether indoors or out, using your own body weight.

Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo
Nov. 22, noon-4 p.m.
Skylight One Hanson
1 Hanson Place, Brooklyn

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