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Dr. Who Season 11: Everything you need to know

Dr. Who season 11

Fans of the long-running sci-fi institution Dr. Who have been rejoicing ever since details had emerged regarding the next chapter of the series. Now that we are inching towards the season’s premiere, there are a few things fans should know before their next journey through time in the Tardis. Here’s everything we know about Dr. Who season 11 so far.   

Dr. Who season 11 cast: Who plays ‘the Doctor’ this season?

This is probably the most revelatory thing that people mention when they talk about the new season. As with this season — it will be the first time that the titular character and shapeshifting time traveler will be played by a woman! This time around, British (as if we had to say that at all) actress Jodie Whittaker will take over as the 13th Doctor taking over from Peter Capaldi.

This makes sense, as Whittaker starred in Dr. Who season 11 showrunner Chris Chibnall’s tense police drama Broadchurch — Which, coincidentally starred David Tennant who is most famously known for playing the tenth Doctor! Full circle, guys!

Dr. Who season 11 plot cast release date

Dr. Who season 11 trailer

A new trailer for this upcoming season was released last Friday online and people have been freaking out online ever since. Check out the whole clip for yourself below: 

What will Dr. Who season 11 be about? 

Of course, specifics about the new season are pretty under wraps right now. But from what we’ve seen in both the trailer and the teaser, it seems like the new season will find the Doctor and her crew will jump around from various points in history from around the world like the civil rights era here in the States, possibly the medevil ages, and into the distant future. 

Dr. Who season 11 release date

So as of right now, there is no official release date for Dr. Who season 11. But in a very vague and cryptic message in both the trailer and the teaser, it was revealed that the show will premiere in “autumn 2018”. Does this mean that the show will begin in September or October? We can’t really say as of right now. Be on the lookout for announcements as we head into the end of summer.

Where can you watch Dr. Who season 11?

All ten episodes of Dr. Who season 11 — as well as a Christmas Special — will air on BBC 1 with a simulcast here in the States.

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