DraftKings Sportsbook with 5K college bowl betting pool - Metro US

DraftKings Sportsbook with 5K college bowl betting pool

DraftKings Sportsbook with 5K college bowl betting pool

If you anticipate being bored over the holidays, or if you simply want a reason to avoid talking to your Aunt Gertrude about the current political climate – betting and watching college bowl games is a wonderful distraction.

Starting this Friday, there are bowl games just about every day and night right through the New Year. Bowl season truly is a sports betting feast.

DraftKings Sportsbook, which is now legal and up and running in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, is currently offering a college football prize pool special.

The latest pool special on Monday afternoon was a $5,000 guaranteed pool that has a $10 entry fee. You bet on all of the bowl games against the spread in this one, and the person who picks the most games correctly wins the $5K.

If you use our DraftKings Sportsbook affiliate link here, you’ll receive up to $500 in free cash.

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As of Monday afternoon, there were only 16 slots available for this pool at our DraftKings Sportsbook affiliate link so get on this ASAP if you’re interested.


Final Four Saturday

The way the calendar worked out this year is advantageous for college bowl bettors as the National Championship semi-finals will take place on a Saturday (Dec. 28). The NCAA thankfully did not mess around with New Year’s Eve this year, and has its most important games of the season on a Saturday, the way college football is supposed to be.

Here are the current National Championship odds at FanDuel.com/Metro. Remember that you can get $500 in free cash simply by going to FanDuel.com/Metro.

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LSU +150

Clemson +190

Ohio State +230

Oklahoma +1400

If you’re looking for value in the futures market here, roll with Clemson at +190 and Ohio State at +230. Those two play one another in the national semi-final game, but both are more than capable of giving the favorite, LSU, a run for their money in the National Championship game on Monday, Jan. 13.

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