Drew Goddard talks ‘X-Force’ and being inspired by the ‘fearless’ Ryan Reynolds and ‘Deadpool 2’ – Metro US

Drew Goddard talks ‘X-Force’ and being inspired by the ‘fearless’ Ryan Reynolds and ‘Deadpool 2’

Drew Goddard talks X-Force

Drew Goddard has confirmed that Ryan Reynolds will star in the X-Force movie that he is set to write and direct.

I recently had the chance to speak to Goddard about his neo-noir mystery “Bad Times At El Royale,” which has the all-star cast of Jeff Bridges, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson, Cynthia Erivo and Chris Hemsworth. Right at the end of our conversation I asked the filmmaker if his now plans to start work on “X-Force.”

“I tend to focus on one project at a time,” he insisted. “I am just coming out of the ‘El Royale’ phase. I will be finishing it up over the next month. Then we will get the gang together over the next month and start talking about what we want to do with ‘X-Force’.”

At this point I straight out asked Goddard whether the plan was still for Ryan Reynolds to star in the film as Deadpool, to which he emphatically responded, “Yes. I can safely say that I would not be making a ‘Deadpool’ movie without Ryan Reynolds that’s for sure.”

When I asked what he wants to achieve with the films, Goddard added, “I’ve always responded to the ‘X-Force’ comics and I love what Ryan and his crew have done with the two ‘Deadpool’ movies.”

“It is so inspiring. The way they are so fearless with the genre and are trying to push it into new territories and do something different with new superhero stories.”

“I think it is a combination of all of those things. And then the opportunity to jump into the sandbox that they have created and have some fun.”

Of course we already saw the X-Force come together in “Deadpool 2,” with Terry Crews’ Bedlam, Lewis Tan’s Shatterstar, Bill Skarsgard’s Zeitgeist, Rob Delaney’s Peter and Brad Pitt’s Vanisher joining up with Reynolds’ Deadpool and Zazie Beetz’s Domino. 

However, only Peter, Deadpool and Domino survived, as those dastardly high winds caught out Shatterstar, Bedlam, Zeitgeist and Vanisher right at the start of their very first mission.

Goddard, who consulted on “Deadpool 2,” was blown away by that hilarious sequence, insisting, “I remember when Ryan first pitched it to me I thought it was so inspired and so delightful.”

“Just to see it come together in a way that the audience roared and cackled at, it’s that spirit that is so attractive about what they have created, the sense that anything can happen and the unexpected definitely will happen. I find that so inspiring.”

Obviously we’re still waiting for news on when “X-Force” will finally be released, but make sure you check out Goddard’s “Bad Times At The El Royale” when it is released on October 12.