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Driver tells inquiry he didn’t provoke Dziekanski into confrontation

VANCOUVER, B.C. – The limousine driver who had a loud confrontation with Robert Dziekanski the night the man died doesn’t believe he set off the behaviour which led to a final clash with police.

Lorne Meltzer yelled and swore at Dziekanski in October 2007 minutes before the Polish man was stunned by an RCMP Taser, and died shortly after.

Meltzer confronted Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport after he saw the man holding a chair and blocking a security door which he wanted to enter.

He told the inquiry into the death that he may have added to Dziekanski’s agitation, but he doesn’t think he’s the reason Dziekanski started throwing furniture and had the encounter with RCMP officers.

Meltzer’s description of Dziekanski has shifted throughout his testimony, first saying the man was calm and harmless and later agreeing with one of the officers’ lawyers that he was erratic and seemed dangerous.

His testimony also wavered on what happened when Dziekanski was hit with the Taser, testifying at first that Dziekanski raised a stapler in his hand before he was shocked, then admitting it might have happened afterwards.

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