Duggar molestation scandal: Josh touched sisters at least 6 times - Metro US

Duggar molestation scandal: Josh touched sisters at least 6 times


A bombshell police report shows that Josh Duggar confessed to his father Jim Bob at least three times that he molested his sisters and a family friend, reports In Touch. The report also pins Josh at 15 years old when he admitted to molesting his sister who was 5 years old at the time. Josh allegedly molested his sister at least seven times.

The Washington County Sheriff’s report found that the Duggars, stars of “19 and Counting,” did not report Josh’s confessions to the police until at least 16 months after he made them, even though Josh had not corrected his behavior. During those 16 months, the Duggars did not take any professional action at all: They did not get mental health counseling for Josh or the victims involved.

Legal experts told In Touch that Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle could have landed in prison for six years for sitting on their hands in regards to their son’s actions. However, due to the statue of limitations expiring, the Duggar parents are in the clear.

Jim Bob told police that when Josh turned 14, he admitted to his father that he had been sneaking into his sisters’ room at night to touch them on the breasts and genitals as they slept. He touched several of his sisters, as they all shared one bedroom. Josh also told his father that this had happened four or five times.

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