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Dunkin’ Donuts new Coolattas are out of this world

Dunkin' Donuts Cosmic Coolatta

Dunkin’ Donuts plans to take customers to new worlds with its latest frozen beverage creations.

The Canton-based company announced this week that its adding new Cosmic Coolatta flavors to the menu this month. The space-themed drinks will be available in cotton candy and pineapple, and both offerings come topped with blue raspberry.

The Cosmic Coolattas are definitely Instagram-worthy, as the color combinations are very reminiscent of the limited edition Unicorn frappuccino that plagued Starbucks baristas last year. Dunkin’ Donuts hopes to hop on this trend of colorful drinks that’s seemingly taken over the food world in recent years.

“Our team works together to listen to consumers and track the next big trends in the food and beverage industry,” the company wrote in a new blog post about the Cosmic Coolattas. “Right now, brightly-colored, layered beverages and galaxy-inspired food are everywhere.” 

Dunkin’ Donuts Cosmic Coolatta

Dunkin' Donuts cosmic coolatta comet candy donut

The intergalactic drinks aren’t the only new items coming to Dunkin’ Donuts, as a Comet Candy Donut will join the Cosmic Coolattas on the menu this month. According to a release, the “galactic sweet treat is decorated with white icing and new pink, blue and purple cotton candy flavored popping candy sprinkled on top.”

The cosmic offerings will be available through May 27. Fans will also be able to pick up small sizes of the new Coolattas for just $2.

Aside from the out-of-this-world treats, Dunkin’ Donuts announced that it’s bringing back the popular Smoked Sausage Breakfast Sandwich this month as well.  The meaty menu item will be available for a limited time and features  egg, melted cheese and smoked split sausage served on an English Muffin.

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