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Eagles head coach, starting quarterback lukewarm on DeMarco Murray

Will DeMarco Murray be with the Eagles next season?
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With a one-time rushing champion on the roster, one would expect Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford and head coach Doug Pederson to be eager to have the big, downhill back on the team next season.

But amid a consistent plethora of rumors regarding the happiness of DeMarco Murray, who was neglected under the Chip Kelly regime, the two key members of theEagles franchise did not have much insight into the mind of the player whom many thought would be a perfect fit for the West Coast offense.

“I don’t know I haven’ttalkedto him,” Pederson said. “I can’t tell you one way or another if he is happy ornot, we would love to have him, he’s a member of the Philadelphia Eagles and we will go from there.”

During the offseason, coaches and players do not have very much contact, as per the CBA’s instructions. But one would expect a little more encouragement or positivity from Pederson in the face of reports that the Birds are open to trading Murray.

Maybe Bradford has a little insight. Afterall, the two were teammates at Oklahoma and are close friends.

“I’ve talked to [DeMarco] several times, we normally don’t talk about football but he’s never brought it up to me,” Bradford said to the media Thursday.”There were reports that I wasn’t happy here too and they weren’t true at all.”

So are the rumors false? Or does no one inside the Eagles organization know whether Murray wants to be with the team?

The contract the back signed last offseason is much too large for the team to cut Murray, or for them to find a willing trade partner. So like it or not, Murray will probably be back in 2016.

He should probably tell someone he’s happy, just to keep things civil.

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