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Eagles land on New Hampshire highway, appear to mate

Whoever said love is for the birds was right.

A pair of eagles landed on a New Hampshire highway this morning and “appeared entangled” with one another and brought traffic to a halt.

New Hampshire State Police Trooper S. Clarke said she was headed out on patrol about 6:45 a.m. when she came upon what she thought was a car crash on Route 101 in Bedford.

She got out of her cruiser to check on the drivers of the two stopped cars when she realized they were not stopped for an accident.

“There were two bald eagles on the ground and the best way to describe it is that they were intertwined,” said Clarke. “If you tried to move or approach they started to get stressed or highly agitated. At that point I wasn’t sure if one was injured and one was protecting the other or if they were tangled in something or if they were mating.”

Clarke said she called state animal control personnel and about 45 minutes after she arrived on scene, the eagles finally flew away.

“They didn’t appear to be injured,” she said. “It was a good outcome … it was amazing to see their wingspan.”

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