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Eagles to trade Carson Wentz in recent NFL rumors: latest

Carson Wentz. (Photo: Getty Images)
Carson Wentz. (Photo: Getty Images)

The good money says that Nick Foles will leave the Philadelphia Eagles at the conclusion of this season. By most anyone’s standards, Foles is not as talented a quarterback as Carson Wentz. Simple as that.

However, Foles keeps leading the Eagles to victory when given the opportunity. If he can win the next two games, get the Eagles into the playoffs, and perhaps even win a game or two in the postseason there will be a debate that arises in Philly. Do you trade Wentz and keep Foles?

This has already been brought up by the Eagles SB Nation site, Bleeding Green. And The Ringer also brought up the prospect of trading Wentz this week, with the thinking that Foles gives the Eagles the best shot of maximizing their championship window. Here is the conversation between Bill Simmons and Sal Iacono.

Simmons: What if the Giants offered them whatever pick they wind up with this year, next year’s first, and then the year after that’s first for Wentz? Three firsts for Wentz. Eagles can keep Nick Foles.

Iacono: Yeah, that’s a lot. That’s a lot. I think the Giants just suck again next year and wait for a stronger [quarterback] class to come through. 

Simmons: The Eagles trade him to the AFC if they trade him. I’m trying to think who else. The Dolphins wouldn’t want him.

Iacono: What about Jacksonville?

Simmons: Jacksonville. That’s a good one. So Jacksonville – Jalen Ramsey, Jacksonville’s first and then two more first round picks. 

Iacono: Perfect.

Simmons: That’s done. Pack your bags Carson Wentz.

The conversation was done tongue in cheek, but it raises several good points. The Eagles could get an enormous haul by trading Wentz. They could set themselves up for years to come with the draft capital they get in return, and still win in the interim.

There will be plenty of suitors looking for a veteran quarterback as well this coming spring. The Broncos, Raiders, Giants, Lions, Buccaneers and possibly even the Patriots could be looking for a new franchise quarterback early next year. 

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