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Early childhood diet could affect obesity later in life

Parents have a tough job deciding what to feed their babies, but new research from the University of Calgary could be useful for moms and dads at the grocery store.

Dr. Raylene Reimer’s study was published in the current Journal of Physiology (London). Her research shows that early diet may have a profound influence on adult obesity and diabetes.

Reimer explained that by feeding rats a fibre-rich diet rather than one high in protein, she was able to influence their risk of developing chronic diseases later in life.

“The ones who had eaten the high protein diet throughout childhood and adolescence were much more prone to develop obesity and as well their blood sugar levels, which is an indicator of type two diabetes were already being impaired,” Reimer said.

On a practical level, Reimer recommends parents introduce their children to a diet rich in fibre sources from a young age in order to combat obesity down the road.

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