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Eat Like an Insider: Anne Becerra, Treadwell Park’s new beer guru

You’ve probably already geeked out about beer with the new bar manager at Upper East Side craft beer hallTreadwell Park. Anne Becerra has worked at some of the city’s most respected beer bars like The Blind Tiger, whichpioneeredthe craft brewing scene, and The Pony Bar with its All-American Club for the most adventurous drinkers.

Under her guidance, the beer list has taken a turn for the international, with a Japanese pale lager made with rice (amazingly fizzy), a woodsy Oregon IPA, and a 12 percent Belgian strong ale aged in grappa barrels that you should probably pace yourself with.

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“It’s wonderful to have interesting, esoteric, kind of hard-to-find beers,” she says. “But I also want to make sure there’s something for everyone. I don’t want to make it a place that’s exclusive to beer geeks.”

That beer list is about to get even more diversified. Treadwell’s Olympic-inspired menu is rolling out with the Games on Aug. 5 with a selection of bottles from many of the participating countries. But the taps will belong to the host, she says: “We’re bringing in several different beers from Brazil that we’re gonna keep rotating,” with selections fromWay Beer, a Brazilian brewery that uses local fruits and native wood for its barrels.

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And don’t worry, she’s keeping Treadwell’s beloved beer floats. Launching next week are five new flavors for summer that are “lighter, brighter for the hot weather” like a Caribbean coconut gelato with apassion fruit wheat beer— “it’s like being on a beach” — and a vanilla gelato paired with a coconut-almond porter.

We asked Treadwell’s new beer guru where she likes to hang out when she’s not behind the bar.

Late night spot:“It’s not for food — they don’t have a kitchen — but they have a really great drink selection and board games:Dive 75(101 W. 75th St.). The staff is fantastic, and it just feels really comfortable. TheSpring Lounge(48 Spring St.) is classic. It’s not only great for late night, but they can open at 8 a.m., they have that grandfathered-in license, so if you’re going really late night you’ll see a lot of service industry people. That place is a gem.And starting on July 30 atTreadwell, on Saturdays from midnight to 2 a.m. we’re doing Snick Saturdays. We ordered all of these old Nickelodeon DVDs like ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ and ‘The Adventures of Pete & Pete,’ and we’re gonna have themed cocktails and beer specials.”

Hidden gem:Every time I go there it’s not that packed and I never understand why:The Crooked Tree, a little crepe spot. They do buckwheat crepes, some of the best light, fresh, French-style crepes, not too thick. They have great music, it’s a tiny little hole-in-the-wall, they do sangrias and wines. It’s nothing fancy but I always feel like it’s my little place.”110 St. Marks Place

Solo dining:“I love doing that, going to a nice restaurant alone. I love a restaurant with a good, small bar that you can just sit at, see what’s going on, watch the tickets being made, have a drink, have a little dish of pasta and call it a day. I probably, twice a week, go sit at a bar and dine solo.”

Out-of-town guests:Roberta’s. It’s just so New York. The vibe, the food, their garden, the outdoor space, the music, it’s just so unique. I go there on my own every Tuesday [Becerra co-hostsBeer Sessions Radioat Heritage Radio Network nearby] and I still can’t get enough. It’s just the place to go for people to check out New York and have some good food.”261 Moore St.

Date night:Martais a good date place. It’s busy enough, there’s stuff going on, they have a great beer, great wine selection. You can really feel like you’re going somewhere but you’re sharing things — who doesn’t want to share pizza on a date? You can get dressed up or go in jeans; there’s never a bad time for it.”29 E. 29th St.

Catch up with friends:Zum Schneider— it’s a really great little German restaurant and beer bar, it has some of the best German beers, it’s all long tables, you can go with a group and get some space. They might bust out in song but that’s all the more fun.”107 Ave. C

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