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Eat more chocolate, it’s good for you


Happy National Chocolate Day, take a moment from chomping on that chocolate bar you bought last night, to educate yourself about why chocolate is actually good for you.

Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, has a whole boat load of health benefits beyond filling that emotional crater someone left in the dark pit of your heart.

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According to the University of Michigan dark chocolate has the following five benefits:

1) Dark chocolate contains “flavonoids” which are a type of antioxidant known as polyphenols. Flavonoids are also found in tea, red wine and some fruits and veggies.

2) Dark chocolate has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol.

3) Dark chocolate can reduce the risk of blood clots.

4) “It can also increases blood flow in arteries and the heart,” and “may lower high blood pressure.”

5) Dark chocolate “may also improve mood and pleasure by boosting serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain.”

Expanding on the fifth benefit, chocolate is reportedly a very effective aphrodisiac.

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“Eating chocolate leads to higher levels of desire, arousal, and sexual satisfaction, according to a study from an Italian university reported in The Journal of Sexual Medicine,” Women’s Health reported. “Female participants who consumed at least one cube of chocolate a day experienced more active libidos and better overall sexual function than those who didn’t indulge.”

So gobble down that chocolate, folks. It’s probably going to make you happier, healthier and hornier.

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