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Ecoholic Home

Ecoholic Home

Author: Adria Vasil
Publisher: Vintage Canada
Price: $24.95 (Paperback)

Whether choosing a cleaning product, fixing a broken window or buying new appliances, gauging the greenest household applications can be a challenge given the research and variety of resources available.

In Ecoholic Home, Adria Vasil centralizes her eco-smarts, based on her column Ecoholic for Toronto alternative weekly Now Magazine.

The book expands upon Vasil’s regular doses of green living tips, from the kitchen, through the garden, to the garage. Part product guide, part practice handbook, Ecoholic Home provides both do-it-yourself and store-bought solutions to wastefulness and environmental harm while promoting individual health.

Using accessible language and an organized layout, Vasil’s guide is a useful companion for every eco-conscious consumer.

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