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Ed Sheeran and Elton John’s physical resemblance is frighteningly uncanny

Page Six has a little story about how Elton John wants nothing but the best for Ed Sheeran, and the two’s physical resemblance is frighteningly uncanny. It makes me wonder: Are they actually the same person?

A majority of John’s advice to the younger singersounds like somethingyou’d tell your younger self which basically proves my point.

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First, Elton John told his younger self that he really ought to take a break. You know, cool his jets. “He was so omnipresent, I said ‘Ed, even I’m sick of you. Go away.’ And he did.”

Then, Future Ed Sheeran told Young Ed Sheeran that he really ought to watch his weight. “One thing I said to him, I said, ‘Don’t put on weight,’ because he’s very prone to put on weight like I am.” Duh, because you’re the same person.

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And then the Elder Self came back with a compliment, because when it all comes down,it’s all about self-care, and making yourself feel good.“He just went away and had a great time. And it was the most brilliant thing he could have done, because it refreshes the soul.”

So yeah. One of them is a time traveling wizard trying to change the course of the present through a relationship with himself. It’s 2017! Things like this are bound to happen.

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