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Edmonton sees signs and opens up its mind

Like the first robin sighting of spring, or the first snowfall of October, the last leftover campaign sign after an election is a sign of the times in Edmonton.

But the City of Edmonton hasn’t seemed hassled much so far this season over leftover campaign signs littering city streets.

After the election, candidates were given a 10-day grace period to remove all campaign signs.
That period expired last Thursday. Candidates with leftover signs could now face fines of up to $250 per sign.

But the city hasn’t handed out any of those penalties in the four days since the 10-day window closed.

“To my knowledge, there haven’t been any fines handed out,” said Corwin Odland, communications officer for Bylaws in Edmonton.

Explanations include pleasant weather, well organized campaign staff and perhaps an overall sense of co-operation between bylaw officers, residents and sign removers, suggesting that people aren’t so frustrated this year.

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