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Edmonton shows crazy: Green

Two near-sold out City and Colour shows would never have hit Edmonton if frontman Dallas Green hadn’t made a point of inking them into his sked.

“Edmonton crowds have been super supportive from the beginning,” Green told Metro in a recent interview. “Even with Alexisonfire, some of the crazier shows we’ve had in Canada have been in Edmonton. They seem to sell out really quick,”

As history dictates, tickets for the initial Sept. 30 City and Colour show at the Jubilee Auditorium show sold out shortly after going on sale. A second show was added for the day after, though only a handful of tickets remain.

“I wanted to do a show there because I don’t know when the next time will be that I can do that kind of solo show,” he said. “I wanted to make sure I came back to do one.”

The Alexisonfire guitarist/vocalist graced an outdoor stage at the Sonic Boom festival with his screaming bandmates a few weeks ago, but said his next trip to the 780 will be conversely organic.

Though playing City and Colour shows is a more sedate animal than group gigs, Green said, solidarity offers the chance to test-drive new material.

“I play whatever I want, tell really bad jokes and long-winded stories that don’t really go anywhere,” he said.

With no set agenda or recording schedule, much to the shegrin of devout City and Colour fans, Green says his guess on when a new album will drop is as good as anyone’s.

“That’s what I enjoy. Nobody really knows what I’m going to do, if I’ll put out a record or put on a show. It’s nice to have that freedom — it’s like, all of a sudden I’m playing a show in Edmonton.”

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