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Edmonton’s charities are facing the cold hard facts of life

The Meals on Wheels kitchen was bustling yesterday.

Elected officials, business leaders and media personalities helped prepare, package and deliver a complimentary turkey dinner for clients.

But the organization’s winter campaign to help feed seniors and others well into the new year is still far below its goal of $75,000.

Only $33,000 has been raised so far.

“Last winter we only raised $57,000, which was sort of to be expected. All of the charities were hurting,” said Kerryn North, marketing and fund development.

“(But) we were really hoping that this year there would have been some kind of bounce back.”
The Christmas Bureau of Edmonton is in the same boat, as they are only at 42 per cent of their $1.8 million goal for 2010.

Although usually at about 50 per cent at this time, campaign director Dianne Brown is very concerned about the 73,000 mouths that need to be fed.

“The bill will be paid regardless and that could affect next year’s operations,” she said.

On the other hand, Santa’s Anonymous, which declared a state of emergency last week, are now only 1,500 toys away from the goal of 25,000.

That, it’s expected, will be delivered this weekend.