Eight MBTA employees canned over buses scam - Metro US

Eight MBTA employees canned over buses scam

Eight MBTA employees were fired yesterday for falsifying mileage that delayed maintenance inspections on more than 200 buses.

Some buses, which are supposed to be checked every 6,000 miles, went as long as 35,000 miles without inspection.

“Any action that compromises safety is not going to be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately,” said Secretary of Transportation Jeff Mullan.

Three superintendents and five union-represented managers allegedly misreported mileage at the Arborway, Charlestown and Southampton maintenance garages since late 2007.

“I am not happy to have found this but I’m very pleased that the management that we have in place discovered this,” said MBTA GM Richard Davey.

The misconduct didn’t cause safety problems but did contribute to poor service. The T found no safety issues in the rest of its fleet.

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