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‘El Bloombito’ is back on Twitter

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg
File photo of former New York City mayor Mich

Miguel Bloombito (@ElBloombito), a Twitter account launched in 2011 to lampoon then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s tenuous grasp of the Spanish language, has returned amid talk that Bloomberg might enter the 2016 presidential race.

With more than 71,000 followers, the Twitter account pokes fun at Bloomberg’s attempts at speaking Spanish during press conferences. The tweets blend mangled Spanish words with English.

“If electedo presidente, yo will fixo el problemo de los immigratioño by gentrifyingo el border so los migrantos no can affordo to live aqui,” tweeted Miguel Bloombito (@ElBloombito) on Saturday, referencing the immigration debate that has been a key issue in the runup to the presidential election.

“Asko not what tu countryo can que do para tu, asko what tu countryo can do para me. #FeelTheBerg,” the account tweeted on Sunday. The hashtag #FeelTheBerg mimicks #FeelTheBern, a hashtag used by supporters of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

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The account’s owner, Rachel Figueroa (@Jewyorican), said she started the account in August, 2011, during Hurricane Irene, when she was housebound with her infant daughter.

“It started as a little inside joke between my friends on Twitter,” said Figueroa, who is Puerto Rican and called the account “a shared cultural joke” among neighbors in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan.

“My target audience has always been my circle of neighbors. If other people want to laugh at it too, that’s awesome.”

In the past, the account has taken aim at Bloomberg’s policies and the personal wealth of the billionaire media company founder.

“Be carefulo en el weathero coldo!” the account tweeted during a chilly day in November 2013, advising “vamos on tu privatero jet y flyo a tu Bermuda beachcasa.”

A spokesperson for Bloomberg Media declined to comment on the resurrected Twitter account. But fans have welcomed it back.

“The one bright spot to Bloomberg running for prez: @ElBloombito is back!” tweeted Matthew R. Francis (@DrMRFrancis) Sunday.

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