Elderly man stabbed wife before jumping to his death in Inwood - Metro US

Elderly man stabbed wife before jumping to his death in Inwood

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An Inwood man allegedly stabbed his wife before jumping out a sixth-floor window to his death on Sunday night, per reports.

Multiple outlets reported that at around 10:20 p.m., cops received a 911 call that a 72-year-old man had jumped from his apartment on the sixth floor located at 210 Sherman Avenue in Inwood. The couple allegedly lived there for 20 years, per ABC.

Police told NBC that the man had slit his wrists before making the jump. 

At the scene, police found the jumper’s 78-year-old wife dead on the couch. She was found with multiple stab wounds to the torso.

Police also discovered a knife inside the apartment near the woman’s body. 

It was reported that there was no note left behind from the couple. 

Neighbors — who claim the couple had four daughters and grandchildren — had seen the couple earlier that week and told multiple outlets that nothing seemed off about their interactions.

The identities of the couple have not been made public. As of Monday morning, this is still an ongoing investigation.


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