Hundreds of pro and anti-Trump demonstrators gathered in Public Square in Cleveland shortly before Donald Trump’s acceptance speech Thursday evening.

Members from anarchist, anti-Muslim groups, along withBikers for Trumpformed barriers in the area to separate themselves from other protest groups.

A Cleveland police officer and a Georgia state trooper were treated for minor skin irritations from protesters putting stickers on officers that contained an unknown substance on them, according to the AP.

Not everyone at the demonstrations clashed with police.


There were several police officers and state troopers playing ping-pong with people in the area and women waving signs danced in a fountain to support abortion rights, the AP added.

According to ABC5 Cleveland, no arrests were made on Thursday.

There were reports of officers being stabbed with syringes but those reports were false, ABC5 added.

Yesterday, a total of 18 protesters were arrested in the area after scuffles with the police. Protesters also burned an American flag during the demonstrations.

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