Tennessee Democrats Jerry Ogle, left, and Amanda Kruel


Hopefully, Tennessee Democratic delegate Jerry Ogle had a chance to have a cheesesteak before being booted from the DNC Tuesday for allegedly attacking a Sanders delegate during the raucous first day of the convention.

Ogle, a pro-Clinton delegate,was sent back home Tuesday for violating the party's "code of conduct" in an interaction with a pro-Sanders delegate, the Tennessean reported.

Fellow Tennessee Democratic delegate and Bernie Sanders supporter Amanda Kruel tweeted a picture of Ogle after reporting that he grabbed her shoulder and yelled at her to "act like a Democrat."

He later apologized, " but my shoulder still hurts," she tweeted.


Kruel was cheering for Sanders around 4:30 p.m. on the first day of the DNC, and was one of many Sanders supporters whose loud cheers for the candidate disrupted speeches.

"I was cheering for Bernie as many others were and there was a guy behind me who was making faces at me. There was one point where he grabbed me by the shoulder and he twisted me around and yelled in my face ‘Act like a Democrat,'" Kruel told the Tennessean, calling the incident an assault.

The Tennessee Democratic Party chair, Mary Mancini, subsequently later ejected Ogle from attending the convention.

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