Tonight, Republican presidential nominee will take the stage to deliver his speech during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Many are anxiously waiting to hear what he’s going to say to the delegates in attendance and to the millions tuned in around the country.

The theme for tonight is “Make America One Again.”

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, will introduce Donald Trump to the stage.


Time Info:

The program will begin around 7 p.m.

Donald Trump is expected to deliver his highly anticipated speech around 10:30 p.m.

TV channel/streaming info:

Most major news networks will cover the event including C-SPAN, MSNBC, CNN and Fox News.

It can also be streamed at the official Republican National Convention YouTube channel.

In addition to watching the event live on TV and online, you can watch tonights event via the officialRNC app.

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