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Eli Manning addresses memorabilia scandal

Eli Manning warming up before a 2015 game. [Getty Images]
Peyton Manning has had limited success in Foxboro of late.
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Caught in the middle of a fake memorabilia scandal, Eli Manning sounded his displeasure on Thursday when he addressed the issue head-on.
The New York Giants quarterback, before fielding questions from the media, made a statement about his alleged involvement in this brouhaha. Manning spoke at the onset of the Giants’ organized team activities which began this week.
His comments came as the media was gathered around him. Before he could be peppered on the issue, Manning first addressed it. Then he proceeded to get peppered on it.
“Before we get started, I would like to address what has been going on in the news the past couple of days. However, because this is a pending litigation, I will not be able to answer questions or go into specific details on the matter,” Manning said. “I will say that I have never done what I have been accused of doing. I have no reason, nor have I ever had any reason to do anything of that nature. I have done nothing wrong, and I have nothing to hide, and I know that when this is all done everybody will see it the same way. Again, I can’t answer any questions, but if you have anything about the upcoming season I will answer those.”
Manning then continued to be asked about questions concerning this situation, a dozen straight questions in all. He alleged his innocence but provided few details.
“I have done everything the right way and have been a stand-up citizen and obviously you get — someone starts something up and everybody turns against you very quickly, it hurts a little bit,” Manning said.​

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