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Eli Manning says he isn’t concerned about Giants’ teammates trek to Miami

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Eli Manning isn’t concerned about his teammates reported trip down to Florida, this even as the New York Giants are prepping for the playoffs and a trip to the Green Bay Packers this weekend.

The internets were abuzz yesterday as a photo surfaced of members of the Giants, primarily the team’s wide receivers, posing on what appears to be a boat in Florida. The photo and its particularly timing would indicate that the Giants players took a trip down south following their win on Sunday at the Washington Redskins, taking advantage of the team’s day off.

It may have come across as bad timing, given that the Giants are now less than a week away from their first playoff game since 2011. But the players do have the day off and they were back at the facility on Tuesday.

Manning didn’t see this type of a trip as odd or out of the norm, and even went so far as to say that players could spend just as much time hanging out and goofing off in nearby New York City as Florida.

“You would have to ask them. I am not positive,” Manning said. “I guess the fact that they are in Miami, but hey, I am sure you can have just as much fun or stay out just as late or do the same thing in New York City, so I don’t think it is a big deal.”

As for Manning, he stayed in New Jersey and got ready for the next game, perhaps not a terrible idea given the recent woes of the offense.

He also turned 36-years-old on Tuesday, a reminder that he is no longer a spring chicken and playoff opportunities could well be few and far between at this point in his career. The Giants have had just one winning season since winning the Super Bowl in 2011 and haven’t been in the postseason since.

“You know how these last couple years have been a great reminder of how difficult it is to make the playoffs and you want to take advantage of every opportunity that you get to make them because you don’t know if, when you get another chance,” Manning said. “I guess early on in your career you think you kind of know that, but until you get into your later years and you just don’t know if you will get that opportunity again, so you want to give it your all, give it your best like you always do, but just understand that it is special to get here and you want to try and make a run when you can.”

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