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Eli Manning voted the ‘Face of Professional Sports’ in New York

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Sports in New York isn’t ruled by Carmelo Anthony or David Wright or even Odell Beckham Jr. Turns out that this is an Eli Manning king of the town and the ‘Face of Professional Sports’ in the market.

In a survey conducted by J.D. Powers & Associates, fans in the nation’s four largest markets of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston were asked to rank the top sporting experience in their market (interestingly the New York Red Bulls finished first). As part of the survey, fans were asked who was the ‘Face of Professional Sports’ in the region.

The top name to emerge, by a pretty wide margin, was the New York Giants quarterback. Apparently, the two-time Super Bowl winner is the current face of New York sports.

Manning was followed by the New York Mets’ David Wright and New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. Mark Teixeira and the aforementioned Anthony rounded out the rest of the top five.

Manning’s teammate, the All-Pro wide receiver Beckham, came in sixth in the voting.

Earlier this year, Manning made another prestigious list, one that he can certainly take to the bank. Forbes magazine said that he was the No. 13 name on the ‘World’s Highest-Paid Athletes.’ He was estimated to make $8 million per year in endorsements on top of his salary, one of the highest in the NFL.

Three New York Jets were on the list as Brandon Marshall (No. 12), Darrelle Revis (No. 13) and Eric Decker (No. 14) all generated solid vote counts.

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