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Eli takes responsibility for turnovers

Tom Coughlin can stomach a loss. The Giants’ coach, though, refuses to put up with any more careless turnovers.

Eli Manning has already given the ball away eight times — six coming off interceptions. All but one pick has come from tipped passes that ricocheted off his receivers.

“I’ll remind you again, in 2008, we set the all-time record for fewest turnovers in the history of the National Football League,” Coughlin said. “Last year was nothing but absolute torture with turnovers and we’ve started out [the same] this year as well. You’re going to throw some [complex] things out to get back to the basics.”

Manning seems content with a more vanilla approach and isn’t about to start the blame game with his receivers.

“That’s something I have to fix,” he said. “There were two turnovers in every game. That’s unacceptable. You’re not going to win games that way. We have to make sure it starts with me and trickles down to everybody else.”