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Ellard seeks 4th trial

Suman Virk said she has come to the realization that the legal battle around her daughter’s death will likely never end.

Reena Virk was swarmed by a group of teenagers in Victoria, in November 1997, beaten and then drowned.

Kelly Ellard, 15 at the time of Virk’s death, was found guilty of second-degree murder in 2005.

She appeared in B.C. Court of Appeal yesterday with lawyer Peter Wilson to ask the three-member panel for a fourth trial.

come to realize that no matter what is done in this case there’s never
going to be an end to the whole situation,” said Suman Virk, who
attended yesterday’s hearing with her husband Manjit.

“Once you’ve lost someone, that loss is permanent.”

argued that the bulk of the evidence that contributed to Ellard’s
conviction was based on gossip and rumour amongst the teenaged

He also challenged the credibility of the testimony of Warren Glowatski, Ellard’s co-accused.

Glowatski was also convicted of second-degree murder. He received parole last year.

Crown argued it was up to the jury to decide what testimony would be accepted.

The panel reserved their decision, and it could be weeks or months before they release it.

Suman Virk said the process is tiring and wishes Ellard would just admit her guilt.

“It’s anybody’s guess on which way it’s going to go,” she said. “So we start waiting one more time.”

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