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Embrace change as your new friend

I believe everything in your life happens for a reason, yet understanding that reason can sometimes take months or years. I refer to this Eureka moment as identifying my own personal tipping point. In doing so, I can determine how a particular change has altered my path.

Many avoid change. It’s natural, especially for those of us who encounter change and are immediately faced with feelings that include feeling scared, out of control and helpless. Yet change doesn’t have to make us feel this way. Changes also provide an opportunity to feel inspired, engaged and motivated. Since change isn’t going away, we need to reprogram ourselves to see them as opportunities and not challenges.

I’ve found three mantras that help me weather the change storm.

Follow Your Passion
Every good idea starts with one person who believes in it. Every good idea needs someone to drive it forward.

This past week I had an opportunity to meet Craig Kielburger. For those of you who don’t know him or his story, I encourage you to visit freethechildren.com and see how, at 12 years old, he was inspired by a newspaper article and 15 years later, his passion for what he believes in still motivates and drives him to relentlessly pursue change.

Take Control of Your Life
Finding the place that is right for you is the key to your own personal success. Your unique needs, wants and talents provide you with a personalized “sweet spot” for personal success.
This sweet spot needs to be heard, acknowledged and acted upon. Your place in the world, career path, work-life balance, and ultimate impact shouldn’t be compared to those around you.
It’s yours! Take ownership of it, be proud of it, and take control of making the decisions on where it goes.

Trust drives the world forward
Trust is a value that not only influences the relationships you have, but how you work, the way you engage in your community, and how you see the world. Building trust takes time, transparency and a commitment to two-way dialogue.

Everyone has the ability within them to embrace change, be a changemaker and make a difference. Regardless of whether the impact is felt in lives around the world, or just in your own family — the motivation to leave the world a better place than you started is contagious. Take some time to build your own personal mantras and use them.

– Rochelle Owen is director of sustain­­ability at Dalhousie University. She has worked in the environment and sustainability field for 19 years; rochelle.owen@gmail.com.

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