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Emerson goes Gaga: Nine minutes of fame catches on virally

It’s something that seems purely Emerson: A nine-minute lip-dub video of hundreds of students dancing to a mash-up of Lady Gaga songs in front of a camera. And it’s quickly gaining popularity on the Internet.

The video was posted six days ago and already has nearly 90,000 views.

“It’s a great feat for us,” said Pat Lambert, a senior from Rhode Island, one of the organizers of the video. “We did something that every Emerson student that day knew about. It’s great when you can hijack the community like that.”

Lambert said the video was created to help get the Emerson College community excited about next semester’s EVVY Awards — the schools’ own version of the Academy Awards. However, it’s done much more than that.

The video has been mentioned online by New York Magazine and on VH1’s Best Week Ever.
“Fuller Disclosure: Emerson College is enormously gay and theater-y. Good Christ, is it ever gay and theater-y,” wrote Noah Garfinkel on the Best Week Ever blog. “There was a guy who wore a feather boa and face glitter most days while demanding to be called Ginger.” Garfinkel also said he is an Emerson alum and “had a really great time there.”

Lambert said he was happy with the response. “Now that it’s alive, it’s got a life of its own that we can’t control,” Lambert said.

Nearly one in six of Emerson’s undergraduate population appeared or helped make the video. It was a feat that took months of planning, but only one day to shoot.

“I hope people enjoy the video and hope people understand that Emerson is a hidden treasure,” Lambert said, adding that he also hopes Lady Gaga enjoys it.

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