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Emotional Support dog stolen in Brooklyn

Emotional Support dog stolen in Brooklyn

Police are looking for a dog that was stolen from outside a Brooklyn McDonald’s. 

The incident occurred on the night of November 7, NBC reports.

The missing dog is a 2-year-old pit bull named Havoc. NBC reports that the dog’s owner is named Nicole Polsinelli, and Havoc is her emotional support dog. Polsinelli also shared that Havoc was a gift from her boyfriend three years ago. 

Polsinelli told NBC that, “We got him and I fell in love with him. He’s acted as an [Emotional Support Animal] for me with my depression; he’s really helped me a lot. It’s been really hard without him,” 

She added, “I’m really bonded with him. It’s really hard to sleep without him. It’s hard to do anything without him.”

It was reported that Polsinelli’s boyfriend brought both of her dogs, Rogue and Havoc, to McDonald’s in Bushwick and kept an eye on them as he ordered. 

The boyfriend allegedly turned around to pay for the food. During this short time frame, a stranger approached the fast food joint on Gates Avenue and Broadway and allegedly untied the leashes and took off with Havoc, the pit bull. 

It was reported that the other dog, Rogue, was not taken. Polsinelli told NBC that Rogue can sense something is wrong. 

Surveillance footage obtained by Polsinelli shows the sad scene unfolding. Polsinelli told outlets that the man ran past Walgreens at the intersection, before turning right on Ralph Avenue. 

The dog is black and has a unique ring of white fur around its neck, running to his hip. The dog has a white chest and white fur on the right side of his nose. 

A police report has been filed and officers are investigating. Fliers have been posted across the neighborhood. 

Polsinelli said, “I’m scared because there are so many reasons people take this breed.”

She continued, “I just want him back. I don’t care if they took him, they could just say they found him.” She added, “I’ll give them the reward. I just hope they’re not hurting him.”

If you or someone you know has any information, you are asked to call NYPD at 718-574-0455.