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Enough snow tires to go around

Last year at this time car owners faced a provincewide shortage of snow tires, forcing them to drive in potentially dangerous conditions without the proper equipment.

With the first snow of the season forecast for Friday afternoon, there’s no shortage in sight this year.

Unlike many others, Wayne Rawding of Hydrostone Auto Repair is excited for the coming snowfall.

“People started coming in two weeks ago,” said Rawding. “The parking lot is full every day.”
Due to last year’s shortage, Rawding made sure to remind all his customers to get their tires early.

The province of Quebec made it mandatory in 2008 for vehicles to be equipped with winter tires by Dec. 15. The law was enacted after 717 people died in car crashes in the province in 2006. Many of those were winter-related.

Transportation Minister Bill Estabrooks said he does not believe it’s necessary to enact a similar law in Nova Scotia.

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