1 “Rango” Johnny Depp can do whatever he wants, which these days means starring in an animated Western as the chameleon who has to fake it till he makes it as sheriff in the town of Dirt. Depp’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” cohort, Gore Verbinski, directs.

“The Adjustment Bureau”
It’s a conspiracy, it’s a romance, it’s a thriller! Matt Damon and Emily Blunt star in this adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s creepy tale.

3 “Take Me Home Tonight” Take a John Hughes movie, stir in some B-list television stars, and you’ll get this Topher Grace-produced film about a teen pursuing his dream girl at a wild party in the ’80s.

4 “Beastly” In this modern take on “Beauty and the Beast,” Alex Pettyfer plays a spoiled kid who gets his comeuppance when one of the Olsen twins curses him with an ugly mug. Only love can set him free.

5 “Hall Pass” The Farrelly Brothers are back with a gross-out comedy about two husbands who are granted a one-week free pass from marriage.

6 “Drive Angry 3D” Nic Cage stars as a felon who breaks out of hell in order to save his granddaughter from a cult-related murder.

7 “Unknown” Liam Neeson is back in badass mode as a scientist who awakens from a coma to discover that someone has taken his identity.

8 “Gnomeo & Juliet”
This animated retelling of the classic tale from the Bard is a must-see with the stroller set.

9 “Cedar Rapids”
Ed Helms stars as a naive insurance salesman about to go on the business trip that will change his life.

10 “The Eagle” Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell fight their way through England’s wilderness in 140 A.D.