1 ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ Michael Douglas is back as Gordon Gecko, and this time he’s out to show Shia LaBeouf a thing or two about the stock market and tacky business attire. Be careful, kiddo: Things don’t seem to be working out all that well for Charlie Sheen.

2 ‘You Again’ This ensemble comedy, jam-packed with A-listers, finds a woman trying to prevent her high school bully from marrying her brother.

3 ‘Legend of the Guardians’ Based on the books, this family flick follows the peaceful mutt owls in their battle against a group of barn owls who want to purify the ranks.

4 ‘The Town’ Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner are bank robbers who take a hostage played by Rebecca Hall. We don’t think we’re giving away too much when we tell you a Metro box plays a prominent role and takes a few bullets.

5 ‘Easy A’ Previously playing roles that basically amounted to “hot girl No. 1,” here Emma Stone is a clean-cut high schooler who fabricates a bad reputation to become popular.

6 ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ Milla Jovovich stars in the fourth installment of this franchise based on the video games. Fresh? Not at all. But Milla does look pretty cool in battle gear.

7 ‘The American’ George Clooney plays an assassin ... with the looks that kill!

8 ‘Going the Distance’ Drew Barrymore and real-life ex, Justin Long, star in this rom-com.

9 ‘Machete’ Director Robert Rodriguez gets his grindhouse on with a cast that includes Robert DeNiro, Lindsay Lohan and Danny Trejo.

10 ‘The Last Exorcism’ A minister allows a documentary crew to film him doing the proverbial one “Last Exorcism.”