1 ‘The Mechanic’ Jason Statham is always up for action, and we’re always up for action flicks that star him. He plays a hit man teaching an apprentice how to do the job. The thing is, his little hit man intern has a connection to somebody that Statham’s character offed in a previous job.

2 ‘The Rite’
Anthony Hopkins as a priest? Creepy. And when the guy who played Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a priest attending a school to learn how to perform exorcisms, well that just sounds like the “Animal House” of horror movies. Read: awesome.

3 ‘The King’s Speech’ This flick was just nominated for like a bazillion Academy Awards this week. And considering it’s either this one or “The Social Network” for best picture, it’s an imperative for your Oscar betting pool chances.

4 ‘No Strings Attached’
The movie posters may look super corny, but we can vouch for this rom-com starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher who try to work a ‘sex friends’ arrangement. Funny script and good acting … and for the guys, plenty of Natalie Portman partially naked.

5 ‘The Company Men’ This one is probably hoping to be this year’s “Up In the Air.” But does a movie about job layoffs really sound like a lot of fun?

6 ‘The Dilemma’ Vince Vaughn and Kevin James star in a buddy comedy in the kind of story where it makes sense to cast Winona Ryder as James’ wife. Take from that statement what you will.

7 ‘The Green Hornet’ The critics might not have been in love with this comic-movie but audiences sure were. Seth Rogen stars as a spoiled socialite who turns to fighting crime with a kick-ass car.

8 ‘The Fighter’
If you haven’t seen this yet, get thee to a cinema to catch Mark Wahlberg and Globe-winner Christian Bale duking it out as boxing brothers.

9 ‘Black Swan’ Don’t let all the hype spoil it for you — this tale of a neurotic dancer gone mad (Natalie Portman) is worth watching — even on the big screen.

10 ‘True Grit’ The Coen brothers are about as reliable as the earth turning when it comes to putting out amazing movies … oops, we forgot about “A Serious Man.” We take that back then, but “True Grit” is truly a great Western.

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