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10 Reasons to go to the movies this weekend

The news Adam Sandler rom-com <font size="4"><font size="3">‘Just Go With It’ tops our list of movies to see this weekend.</font></font>

1 ‘Just Go With It’ We’re predicting a box-office win this weekend from this Jennifer Aniston-Adam Sandler rom-com, in which Sandler’s character exploits Aniston’s children to convince his new love interest that he was previously married.

‘The Eagle’
The best buddy-road-trip movie since “Due Date”? Nah, but with Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell fighting their way through England’s wilderness in 140 A.D., we’ll still take it.

3 ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’ If you know anyone under 14, chances are that you’re already committed to seeing this biography of our favorite mushroom-haired teen crooner.

4 ‘Gnomeo & Juliet’ At the same time, if you know anyone under 10, you’re probably signed up for this animated retelling of the classic tale from the Bard instead.

5 ‘The Roommate’ Haven’t seen “Single White Female” in awhile? Feel like watching it again? Then why not head to the cinema and catch Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester re-enact it note for note in the collegiate remake of the 1992 film.

6 ‘Sanctum’ James Cameron produces the most claustrophobic thriller to hit theaters since “The Descent.” A group of brawny Aussies go spelunking through an unexplored cave system.

7 ‘The Rite’ Crazy Catholic exorcisms replace the fava beans and Chianti in “The Rite,” but Anthony Hopkins is no less creepy as a Vatican priest than he was as Hannibal the Cannibal.

8 ‘The Mechanic’ Jason Statham plays a hit man teaching an apprentice how to do the job. Problem is, his hit man intern has a connection to somebody that Statham’s character offed in a previous job.

9 ‘The King’s Speech’ Considering it’s either this one or “The Social Network” for best picture, it is imperative viewing for your Oscar betting pool chances.

10 ‘No Strings Attached’ The movie posters look super corny, but we can vouch for this rom-com starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, who try to work a “sex friends” arrangement. Funny script and good acting … and plenty of Natalie Portman partially naked.

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