Congratulations, second-most beautiful couple in the world next to Brad and Angie! Victoria and David Beckham have 4th addition to their brood, with a girl who was born on Saturday. Given that this baby's three male siblings, Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8 and Cruz, 6, have such, ahem, unique names, we can only imagine what kind of wild nonsense the Beckhams go for with a girl's name. Here are some ideas.

1. Zumba - This one makes the most sense to me. Let's presume Posh is into the latest workout craze that's sweeping the nation. What better way to honor it, just like she did for a borough of New York City that she's likely never set foot in?

2. Chanel - Again, makes perfect sense. Here we hit on Victoria Beckham's whole style icon thing. Plus, planning this baby's wardrobe is automatically a breeze.

3. Joseph - Think about it! These people like to challenge expectations! Plus, a boy's name is totally on trend with boyfriend t's and boy jeans.

4. Ben Dittlike - Another boy name but this time there's a special significance. Just think: Ben Dittlike Beckham. Ha!

5. India - Since this kid is not from India just as Brooklyn was not from Brooklyn, this makes perfect sense.

6. MacBeth - So here they might be going a little traditional (maybe there's a Beth or Elizabeth in the family she'd be partially named after, what an honor). And with Romeo kicking around, it's already clear they have a fondness for Shakespeare. Bonus points if they go with Puck or Hamlet instead.

7. Angeles - Not to keep harping on the location names, but what if all these kids were named after where they were conceived? Don't people do that in real life? Cruz=California or Santa Cruz, Romeo=Italy/Verona?

8. Catherine - In some families, one gender tends to attract the strange/cool names and the girls get duped (or blessed, depending on how you look at it) with their grandma's middle name.

9. Galaxy - Maybe they can get a lifelong endorsement deal from David Beckham's Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team?

10. Zigazig-AH - What better way to memorialize Posh's former career as a Spice Girl?

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