Da Marino is impossible to overlook. Courtesy of Da Marino Da Marino is impossible to overlook.
Courtesy of Da Marino

While Sarah Jessica Parker is staying busy with her new line of shoes, we couldn’t help but wonder: What ever happened to some of Carrie and the girls’ favorite hangouts? These spots are all still open — pay a visit and order a Cosmo!

Il Cantinori


32 E. 10th St.,


So Carrie didn’t actually get to taste the food in this Italian restaurant, since she left the place because all her friends were late for her 35th birthday. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Don’t be surprised if you spot an A-list celebrity here. While you keep an eye out, you should try an Il Cantinori classic, grilled breaded squid.

Da Marino

220 W. 49th St.,


When Carrie and Mr. Big decide to give it another try in the second season, they visit this Italian restaurant, where Mr. Big serenades her. It’s also a favorite restaurant of Chris Noth (Mr. Big) in real life. Make a request to the piano man and he just might grant it. Foodwise, go for one of the pastas: Penne pasta in a pink vodka sauce is a favorite.


42 E. 58th St.,


Carrie is on an awkward (and unplanned) double date with a jazz musician, Mr. Big and a coke-snorting model at this Asian fusion restaurant. The date is bizarre, but the surroundings are great, with the big Buddha waterfall in the back. Hopefully you will be more fortunate at Tao thanks to the giant fortune cookie with fruit and ice cream. It comes with hilarious fortunes we don’t want to spoil here.


80 Spring St.,

Carrie and Samantha are having a hard time getting a table at this French restaurant, even though — as Samantha phrases it — they’re “kind of somebody.” In the end they get one, because Carrie gives the hostess a much-needed tampon in the bathroom. This place is popular, and the food here is noteworthy — especially the steak and the chicken. The loud and fun ambience contribute to a memorable experience.


75 Ninth Ave,


In the first (and unfortunately not the only) “Sex and the City” movie Carrie and Mr. Big host an unforgettable rehearsal dinner before their wedding at this Chinese restaurant. Things get weird between them, but it’s definitely not because of the food. Order several dishes for the table and make sure your list includes the lobster fried rice and the sweet and crispy jumbo shrimps.

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