Just one day before he was arrested for drug charges, TMZ reports, 2 Chainz posted a video to Vine of he and his crew partying. A party that included, if the bottle of cough syrup featured prominently in the shots was any indication, some serious sippin’ on some sizzurp. (Warning: this Vineis so choppily shot it might make you feel like you indulged as well.)We didn’t even know that sizzurp aka “purple drank” aka a mixture of cough syrup, Sprite, and candy was still de rigueur in the rap community. Either that or he and his friends were Robo-Tripping around like a pack of backwoods teenagers who ran out of beer. Or, you know, someone legitimately had a cold, but somehow we think not. Also shown in the Vine: 2 Chainz smoking one of those funny cigarettes. The real lesson here, kids, is not that drugs are bad. We’re not your mom, or your friendly local DEA officer. The lesson here is that when sharing your drug-doings via social media, SnapChat is the way to go.