Jack Bauer. On the move. Again! Credit: Daniel Smith/FOX Jack Bauer. On the move! Credit: Daniel Smith/FOX

Between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

Jack Bauer enters the British pub where we last saw Derek Yates and his hottie Russian girlfriend. Bauer is only 10 minutes behind them. He looks around and spots two beers and a jacket at a table. He gets suspicious and goes into the bathroom, where he finds Yates dead on the floor from a knife to the ear thanks to his loving, fake girlfriend. “It was a professional that did this,” he says to Chole via one of those ear walkie-talkies. The case Yates was carrying and trying to sell that contains a device capable of hijacking drone missiles is now missing. Uh-oh.

Bauer is on the hunt! Chloe hacks into security cameras and tells Jack that there are no signs of her leaving the pub. Bauer escapes out the back and finds a wig in the garbage. Blasted! Chloe sees that the non-Russian girlfriend entered the Tube six minutes ago. She’s on the train to Waterloo!


Bauer heads into Waterloo Station to find her. "Which car is she on?" he radios to Chloe. How he gets reception down there, I have no idea. Chloe tells him she's on the fifth car. He spots her but he’s being way to obvious and the girl recognizes him. She causes a diversion by slicing her leg open and smearing blood on her face. Classic. She escapes.

Jack Bauer Bauer hunts down a suspected terrorist on the tube. Credit: Daniel Smith/FOX

Meanwhile, back in the Volvo, Chloe sees a little boy and gets so distracted by his face that you know there is a backstory there. She doesn’t see the girl with the case jump into a taxi.

Drat. He missed her. Credit: Daniel Smith/FOX Drat. He missed her. Credit: Daniel Smith/FOX

Bauer berates Chloe for not spotting her, but she explains that she thought she saw Morris and Prescott, her husband and young son — who had died in a car accident. Only Chloe doesn’t believe it was an accident, and that someone was targeting her. Bauer is sad for his friend but, you know, he knows what that is like. “You can’t bring back the ones you love. Trust me,” he says in an elegant plea. “Get on with their lives by helping others. It’s the only way forward. I need your help! Help me from letting these attacks happen.” Chloe seems to snap out of it.

We go back to the president. He and his White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau kind of get into it. But then Audrey lays into her husband (who also happens to be her father's chief of staff) about making sure her dad doesn’t feel too bad about the whole dementia thing. Mark tries to get Audrey to convince her dad not to go in front of the British Parliament. Mark is just super sneaky, although we don't know exactly why. We see him signing something in the president's name. He is up to no good!

Chloe finally figures out who Yates' fake girlfriend is: Simone Al-Harazi, whose mother, Margot, was radicalized intoAl Qaeda after her husband was killed in a drone attack that President Heller authorized.

We see the home where Margot and her daughter now live and it is a beautiful country estate. Somewhere, bin Laden questions his choices in life.

Margot, aka Creepy Terrorist Mom, welcomes home Simone — although we can tell Mommy Dearest isn't pleased.

A boy welcomes back Simone, “Hey sis, you’re back.” Is it really his sister or not? He takes the case from Simone but because of some technical problems, the item she stole from the now-dead Yates might not work right away.

Simone then hugs a certain handsome someone. Creepy mom chastises him for not being loving enough. “You haven't seen your wife in three weeks.” Why? Because she's been undercover with Yates, having sex with him while pretending to be a Russian. I can see how her husband would be a bit peeved. She instructs her daughter to “get that wound cleaned up.” She then tells her son-in-law not to be jealous that his wife had sex with Yayes. You know, she did what she had to do. “Simone has made a sacrifice. Let her be a wife to you. It’s what is best for everyone."

Mommy starts sewing up Simone’s leg, but not very nicely. “How do you think this American followed you from Yates’ flat to the Tube? It’s strange. Maybe you were careless.” Simone is wide-eyed and worried. Creepy Terrorist Mom is not being too gentle on that ol' leg. “We have the opportunity to change history," she reminds/berates her daughter. "There is no margin for error.”

Later, Simone’s husband pours a drink, which is weird as they are probably all Muslim if they are working for Al Qaeda, no? He admits he’s terrified about hijacking a drone to bomb innocent people. “I saw women and children lying in the streets," he tells his wife about a terrifying dream. She comforts him. They then do it.

Then we see that Creepy Terrorist Mom is watching them on a video camera, smiling. Honestly, I just can’t with this woman.

We cut to Heller at Parliament. He is going to say a few words, but Mark's fears are soon realized when he starts being shouted out by those pesky Brits.

President Heller tries to address Parliament over all of the rude shouting about drones. Credit: Daniel Smith/FOX President Heller tries to address Parliament over all of the rude shouting about drones. Credit: Daniel Smith/FOX

“What are you going to do about today’s incident?’ yells one.

“You can’t control your soldiers or your weapons,” yells another.

Outside, Bauer is trying to get in but the card he has been given is a dud. Chloe instructs him to get out. The cops are hot on his trail, and he creates a diversion by shooting into the crowd of protesters. He gets away while Heller looks on with a grimace. The clock ticks and ticks.

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