The brews

1. Narragansett Beer Tallboy Tasting Flight: Who doesn't love a tasty tallboy? Try out Narragansett's award-winning seasonal favorite, Narragansett Fest, as part of its new tasting pack. Sample its popular seasonals Fest and Bock as well as Cream Ale and Lager, two of its year-round favorites.

2. Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout: This is one of our favorites of the year: The stout's malt is dark roasted, with the organic chocolate mixed with barley, creating a thick and delicious brew.

3. Boxcar Pumpkin Porter: Pumpkin ales are everywhere in the fall, but most are so cloyingly sweet you can't even finish a whole pint. The seasonal Boxcar Pumpkin Porter is a delightful, balanced porter and has the unique distinction of being one of the only (if not the only) pumpkin porters on the market.


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Budweiser ‘Project 12’ Sampler Pack

After a summer of sampling specially-made small batches created by Budweiser’s 12 brewmasters, the beer giant is releasing the best-received three recipes in a sampler pack. The three beers are named for the ZIP code where they originated and use the same strain of yeast Budweiser has used since 1876

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