VIDEO: "300 Sandwiches" blog inspires parody

Comedians take on the "300 Sandwiches" blog.

Stephanie Smith set Facebook and Twitter on fire when she wrote about her "300 Sandwiches" blog for the New York Post. The Page Six reporter wrote a piece about how she was just "124 sandwiches" away from an engagement ring after her boyfriend promised her he would propose to her after 300 sandwiches. Many accused Smith of grubbing for a book deal and expressed their disbelief that a successful woman would slave away making sandwiches for her man. The blog was especially mocked for this quote from Smith's boyfriend Eric: "You’ve been up for 15 minutes and you haven’t made me a sandwich?"


The story was ripe for parody, and the parody is now here. Watch this hilarious video of comedians Livia Scott and Steven Phillips-Horst of the Upright Citizens Brigade as they act out a commercial for the "300 Sandwiches" Halloween costumes. What comes in this costume? A "disgusting wig" that strongly resembles Eric's mid-parted, long blond hair, a flowery dress and a laptop for blogging.


The video takes hits at the couple's possible attempt to get a book deal. The blogger asks as she slaves away in the kitchen, "How many hits do we have?" and her boyfriend answers, "Babes, we're getting a book deal, I promise."

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