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5 Best films of 2010

The Social Network takes the popcorn as this year's best film.

Top 5 films

1 “The Social Network” (dir. David Fincher)
2 “Inception” (dir. Christopher Nolan)
3 “The Fighter” (dir. David O. Russell)
4 “Kick-Ass” (dir. Matthew Vaughn)
5 “Black Swan” (dir. Darren Aronofsky)

» I haven’t stood on line during opening day for a movie in a long time, and I’m really happy I did for the “The Social Network.” The story, which was brilliantly acted out by all parties involved — even you, JT — was sexy, human, exciting and SO relevant to us. Regardless, hellooo Andrew Garfield! Can I friend you? –Tina Chadha

» As far as “Black Swan,” I wanted to love it so much. Natalie Portman did an amazing job and will most likely, as she should, get the Oscar for this role — but at times the film felt like it was trying too hard to be dark. That, and I kept being reminded of “Showgirls.” –Tina Chadha

» Seriously, the whole movie is just about a dancer that needs to learn how to be loose in trying to be perfect — in other words, learning about being the best you can be and the politics that are involved in competition. I think the Disney movie “The Mighty Ducks” did that better. –Michael Gaiser

» Speaking of team movies, “The A-Team” was on my list. High on my list. Clearly the filmmakers had a fondness for the original ’80s TV series, but translating that love into an update can be a catastrophe onscreen. Luckily they left the disasters to the action scenes, blowing stuff up spectacularly. –Amber Ray

» Hey, did nobody put any of the Swedish movies based on the Stieg Larsson books on there? Those things were intense! –Pat Healy

» I don’t think so, sorry Pat! But you live in Boston, so a question for you: Regarding “The Fighter,” do you guys ever get sick of the whole, “I’m a poor, white trashy person who lives in Massachusetts with a chip on my shoulder and look at what criminal activity I’m getting into/
comeback I’m staging” film? Because I do. –Dorothy Robinson

» I think we are in danger of it bordering on cliche. –Pat Healy

» In argument for “The Fighter” — what I loved about it is that it managed to deliver on all the things a mainstream audience wants to see without being a cheese-fest like “The Blind Side.” But seriously, we’ve far exceeded the quota of Boston films for the next five years. –Heidi Patalano

» And during the next five years, we’ll still be trying to figure out what “Inception” was all about. Still, I will pretty much follow Christopher Nolan anywhere — even to Hoth (seriously, what’s up with the snow scene?), and especially when he casts the incredible Tom Hardy as such a suave badass as Eames. –Amber Ray

» I liked “Inception” — a lot, actually — but I’m not sure I actually enjoyed the process of watching it. At some point, it felt like I hadn’t studied for the quiz enough. What the hell are the rules in this level again? What happens if you die in a ski suit? Do you ever get out of the ski suit? And if not, can you at least be stuck in the ski suit in Marion Cotillard’s apartment? Because that might not be so bad. –Monica Weymouth

»Instead of trying to figure out what was going on, I just tried to make up my mind about Ellen Page’s sexuality. –Dorothy Robinson

Editor Heidi Patalano’s Top 5 films

1) “Black Swan”
2) “The Fighter”
3) “The Social Network”
4) “Cyrus”
5) “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”

2010 was filled with films that came really close to being amazing, but disappointed most of us with their lack of follow-through — especially Leo DiCaprio vehicles “Shutter Island” and “Inception.” It was only art-house film “Black Swan” that could back up the buzz with amazing performances and cinematography.

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