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5 Biggest moments in pop culture

The tiff between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien tops our list of the biggest news in entertainment this year.

The Top 5

1 Late-night war between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien
2 Sandra Bullock gets “blindsided” by cheating husband Jesse James
3 Mel Gibson really goes crazy
4 ... and so does Charlie Sheen
5 The Palins take over pop culture

Editors’ panel

» While the Leno/Conan thing was a big deal, I really hope it’s dead and buried for good in 2011. The fact that Conan still talks about it now feels kind of like an old saw. And by the way, you just did the same thing to George Lopez, Coco! –Heidi Patalano

» The reason “blindsided” is so shocking is because I always thought that the only reason this beautiful and lovably goofy movie star was with this greaseball was because he must be SUCH an awesome person — clearly not the case. What exactly Sandy saw in him will always remain a mystery. Still, I will say this breakup scandal doesn’t sting as much as Brad Pitt leaving Jennifer Aniston for vixen Angelina Jolie Jesse James is no Brad Pitt. –Tina Chadha

» It’s hard for me to dislike a guy who has a rescued pit bull named Cinnabun. But agreed: I still want to give Jennifer Aniston a hug and take her shopping, even though she seems to spend a lot of time vacationing with beautiful people on expensive boats. –Monica Weymouth

»It’s interesting how Charlie Sheen still has a lucrative career while Mel Gibson does not, even though both were caught being totally bat-s— insane this year. I think the real story here is the scary hold “Two and a Half Men” has over us. –Dorothy Robinson

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