1. 'Columbiana’

From the writers that created last year’s heart-stopping action-thriller “Taken” comes another tale of violent retribution. This time Zoe Saldana avenges the murder of her parents by a Columbian drug lord.


2. ‘Our Idiot Brother’

Who wouldn’t want Paul Rudd for a brother? Even if he plays a mischief-making hippie who couch-surfs through the apartments of his three sisters with complicated lives, unintentionally throwing everything into chaos, we’d still take him.

3. ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’

Prepare to get spooked by the whispering voices of the rat-like homunculi, who inhabit a sealed-off space in an old home. When a young family moves in to renovate it, inquisitive young Sally (Bailee Madison) may be lured into their trap. Horror master Guillermo Del Toro wrote and produced this eerie tale co-starring Katie Holmes.


4. ‘Fright Night’

In the remake of the classic 1985 film “Fright Night,” Colin Farrell plays the smoldering vampire Jerry, who lives next door to a high school senior (Anton Yelchin) who vows to take him out.


5. ‘Conan the Barbarian’ 

Comic-book season is winding down, but here’s one last treat: Jason Momoa plays the ancient hero out to avenge his slain father. metro